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Every package comes standard with the following items

  • Body collection of deceased from Hospital/Home
  • Prayer set for wake prior to arrival of deceased back home
  • 5 square tables & 30 chairs
  • 3 cartons of mineral water & 2 cartons of flavoured drink
  • Photo of deceased, enlarged with wooden photo frame 10” x 12”
  • Passport photo X 4
  • Loose flowers of choice (orchid/rose)
  • Garlands for Photo frame
  • 5 Feet Garland X 1
  • Thaani Kodam & Dhoti for men performing the rituals
  • Abhishegam items for bathing the deceased
  • Traditional clothes for deceased male only, thaalapa (optional)
  • Coffin of choice by family
  • Traditional Hearse decorated with flowers/garlands
  • Cremation Fees (Mandai Crematorium)
  • 40 seater bus (location of wake – mandai crematorium– location of wake)
  • Transport for ash collection day, inclusive of sea burial (home-mandai-changi-home)
  • Abhishegam items for ash collection

Items not included in the package:

  • Embalming (Inclusive of Bathing, Dressing & Make up)
  • Burial

Optional additional items not included in the package:

  • Priest for ceremonial rites
  • Tentage for void deck/landed property
  • Mobile toilet
  • Refrigerator
  • Cooling fans
  • Food catering (Vegetarian)
  • Thappu Melam


Little India Casket Services is a family owned business founded in 1990 and established by Mr C. Chandran & his wife Mdm G. Pushparani. They came together with a desire to serve the Hindu community of Singapore in providing first-class funeral services at affordable prices.

They are committed and professional in ensuring all religious customs and rituals are implemented throughout all funeral processions. When death is confronted by a family, a relative, a friend or a loved one, be assured that the caring and friendly staff at Little India Casket will be there to guide you.



To reach us for enquiries or to engage us, simply give us a call +65 9672 6995, we operate 24 hours.

Alternatively, if you prefer, we can be reached using the contact form below:

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