Our Story

Little India Casket Services is a family owned business founded in 1990 and established by Mr C. Chandran & his wife Mdm G. Pushparani. They came together with a desire to serve the Hindu community of Singapore in providing first-class funeral services at affordable prices.

They are committed and professional in ensuring all religious customs and rituals are implemented throughout all funeral processions. When death is confronted by a family, a relative, a friend or a loved one, be assured that the caring and friendly staff at Little India Casket will be there to guide you.

Mr Chandran has conducted thousands of funerals for more than 30 years, this has gained him extensive knowledge in the different funeral rituals and is well respected by the Hindu community of Singapore. During a funeral, Mr Chandran takes the time to carefully explain to the family the purpose of the ritual for the family to have a better understanding of the funeral process.  Furthermore, the younger generation will have gained knowledge of the importance of our Hindu funeral traditions.

Little India Casket has come a long way over the years, building a strong reputation with the many different Indian communities in Singapore.  The service provided by Mr. Chandran and his team go above and beyond one’s expectation, providing superior quality service at reasonable prices. We will continue to strive for excellence with commitment and integrity.