Paying It Forward

For many years, It has always been a tradition in Little India Casket, where all the coins that are placed in the coffin as vaikarasi, will be consolidated and donated to children’s orphanages and other non-profit organizations in Rameshwaram, India. The money will be used to provide food, clothes, books, school bags etc for the less fortunate.

Mr. Chandran is a very humble man, and he is always willing to help anyone in need.  He helps them even when they do not ask for it.  Giving is in his nature.  He loves to watch the little children smile and laugh, and the joy that sparkles in their eyes.  It’s a satisfaction like no other, he says.

In fact, there are some clients who travel to India and wish to help the less fortunate while they are there.  They would contact Mr. Chandran for help and he would organise everything for his clients and connect them with a trustworthy individual in India to fulfil their desires.

We also have families, who donate amounts of money which is used to buy groceries for various homes.  Proof of purchase and location of distribution is made known to the donor.

A smile on a child’s face is priceless. We have you to thank for it. Together we can make a difference to bring more smiles around the world.  Everyone deserves to smile.